TRINITEA Framework

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What is  


TRINITEA’s self-assurance framework is a shift from the expensive third-party audit-based certification model. It brings a fresh perspective to the conventional sustainability standards in the tea supply chain. The digitally-enabled self-assessment model of TRINITEA allows every farmer to ensure that their tea is of good quality. So, unlike the square-root model of third-party verification, where only a handful of farmers are sample-audited for their produce, TRINITEA vouches for assurance and traceability by/for every farmer.

The framework is driven by persistent guidance and training activities designed exclusively for small tea growers and their respective geographies. It gives/provides a comprehensive idea about the sustainability standards maintained in production and assurance on quality from the farmers themselves. To improve the collective standards presented by Indian tea growers, the TRINITEA framework also provides vital guidelines and training on sustainable tea farming. The QR-code-enabled technology allows consumers to directly view and hear from the producer of the tea in hand.

How it


TRINITEA framework features a self-assessment module and is available in the form of a simple Android application that operates in local languages. The application/ It contains 20 questions seeking basic information about the producers and 86 questions spread over 10 chapters measuring producers’ performance. Successful filling-up of the information by the growers against the questions of the TRINITEA Framework would provide individual producers or a group of producers, a self-assessment score to reflect how they are performing.


  • Completely digitized self-assessment process to assure sustainable production

  • Completely transparent and traceable/completely traceable and transparent farm-to-cup model.

  • Greater outreach and coverage beyond certification and sample audits.

  • Better tea farm management and compliance with (food) safety standards.

  • Highest degree of assurance on social, agronomical, and environmental aspects of tea production.


TRINITEA-assured tea is traceable. For example, the TRINITEA-assured tea produced in a factory can be traced back to its origin. Each pack of TRINITEA-assured tea has a QR Code that enables consumers to trace the entire journey of the tea from farm to cup/ the farm to the cup. The traceability feature is embedded in / placed at all the different levels of sourcing green leaf from the farm to the factory.


TRINITEA creates the right opportunities for all the ecosystem players – growers, factories, businesses, and consumers – for a sustainable supply chain for/of tea. The initiative aims to improve:

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  • Smallholders
  • Tea Factories
  • Businesses

 Effective knowledge sharing and performance monitoring

 Improved access to farm inputs and government schemes

 Guidance from reputed industry experts on critical aspects of crop loss and tea quality

 Support for smallholder group governance for aggregation of inputs and outputs.

 Better linkage with supply chain actors through a transparent system

 Reduced procurement cost

 Better quality tea green leaf

 Increased access to high-value supply chains

 Easier certifications

 Transparent supply chain

Product differentiation on sustainability claims at nominal costs in India and abroad

 Risk identification and better risk management across the supply chain