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TRINITEA helps small tea growers raise robust and productive tea farms following good agricultural practices that prevent soil degradation and ensure quality green leaves. The programme establishes a clear connection between the welfare of small tea growers, their access to the market, remunerative pricing for the green leaf/leaves and sustainable farming practices. The key outcomes for the tea growers associated with TRINITEA include: 




Tea consumers worldwide are demanding a higher level of sustainable practices and food safety compliance. However, small tea growers often lack technical knowledge and inputs to produce higher-grade tea. This leads to inefficient fertilizer and pesticide use, lower quality leaf and poor remuneration, creating a cycle of poverty. The small tea growers, who are far down the supply chain, receive less than 3 percent of the retail value of their tea. They require dedicated and continuous support for adopting the best agricultural practices to produce quality, safe and sustainable tea, and/while getting rewarded with remunerative pricing for their produce. 

TRINITEA focuses on a continuous improvement model to provide technical assistance to tea growers. They are introduced to a digital self-assessment tool that keeps them engaged and motivated, while supporting the business requirements for credible assurance. 

The Indian Tea Association (ITA) and Solidaridad have created a panel of tea industry experts who prepare the curriculum and provide on-site guidance to small tea growers, throughout the year, to equip them with the best practices. 



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