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TRINITEA, your gateway to assured and sustainable tea

Sustainability and business are no longer distant cousins. Businesses are increasingly embracing sustainable means of production and procurement. Tea is no exception to this global trend. Tea brands are focusing on integrating their business with economic, social and environmental wellbeing, to meet their sustainability goals.  

TRINITEA offers a transparent system to the tea industry with a completely traceable mechanism, that assures not only the quality but also the safety aspects of the tea produced. The green leaves are produced sustainably, in harmony with the environment, while maintaining food safety standards. 

The traceability framework enables tea businesses to switch priority from shareholder value to stakeholder value creation, moving towards an inclusive stakeholder profit-sharing business model.

Key sustainability challenges



Lack of clarity on safety (chemical-residue/MRL-free tea) aspects of tea due to poor implementation of the food safety regulations in India. 

Unorganised small tea grower segment (contributing more than 50% to overall green leaf cultivation in India) adds to the safety, quality, sustainability, and cost of production concerns. 

There are no means of assuring that the made tea is safe for consumption and produced sustainably, i.e., maintaining social, economic and environmental parameters. 


True & Natural Sustainability Partner

With its all-inclusive framework to ensure traceability of tea at every stage of the supply chain and the well-being of small tea growers, workers & the consumers, TRINITEA empowers businesses to meet their sustainability targets in alignment with SDGs 1, 2, 8, 10 and 13.

Genuine traceability mechanism

Green leaves are produced sustainably, following good agronomic practices, thus complying with food safety standards and environmental guidelines. The entire journey of the tea is captured and can hence be traced back to its farm origin.

Empowering small tea growers

The novel sustainability initiative facilities the socio-economic development of the small tea growers of India, who have perpetually suffered high cost of production and low price realization, as a result of unscientific production practices and a lack of organization of the sector. 

Local procurement for garden fresh quality

The tea is on par with/ comes with a refined taste and a garden-fresh quality, as the leaves are procured locally from small tea growers, by the factories in the vicinity of the farms. 

Enhanced competitiveness

The initiative is helping small tea growers adopt regenerative agriculture to mitigate climate change-induced adversities, besides organizing them/while organising the growers into groups for better operational efficiency, market & financial access 

Product differentiation


TRINITEA Brand Values

Safe & high quality tea

100% assured safe, chemical-residue/MRL-free, and high quality tea from the small tea growers of India, following the best agronomic practices under the guidance of scientists and agricultural experts

Unique sustainability initiative

TRINITEA is a one-of-a-kind sustainability brand that is dedicated to improving the competitiveness of India’s small tea growers in the global market, moving them up in the value chain and bringing them remunerative returns for their hard work. 

Better operational efficiency

A highly transparent and traceable supply chain - from the origin of the leaf to finished tea in the hands of consumers - leads to better risk identification and management, and improved operational efficiency. 









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